Ornery's Handy Dandy Scouting Guide

2009-10-16 02:44:37 by ornery

:UPDATED: 21/05/2017

NOTE - This is mainly about the art portal.  The audio portal works similarly, but for questions about the specifics of the audio scouting system please see an audio mod for advice.

Scouting FAQ and guide because to many of you dont seem to quite get it. Feel free to ask further questions here and I will add them to the list if they are good enough. I will answer all of them regardless.

First the 3 fundamental rules of scouting.
2. Only accept scout requests from users who you don't think will be pruned.

Q. What is Scouting?
It is a system implemented in the NG art portal that lets users decide who is allowed to post art in the portal. Only scouted users can submit art to the portal. All users can submit work to their user page though, and anyone can see the work (assuming they visit your user page), even if its not marked for the portal.

Q. How do I scout people?
First you have to be scouted. Then you can find any user who has at least 4 pieces that you feel is good enough for the art portal and send them a scout request. You can send 4 scout requests a day, if someone rejects your request you will be granted another one for that day.

Q. How do I get Scouted?
First, make good art, people will notice you if you are good. You must have at least 4 pieces to get scouted. When someone wants to scout you, you will be sent a request via PM. You can then choose to accept or deny their request.

Q. Can I get requests from multiple people?
Yes. Pick the one you like. Make sure its an artist you feel wont get pruned though.

Q. Pruned? Whats that?
Its when an artist is removed from the art portal, when this happens any one who they have scouted will be pruned along with them. Think of it like a tree branch, anything supported by that branch gets knocked off with it.

Q. When I've been pruned, can I be re-scouted?

Q. What would make me get pruned?
Submitting rule breaking work, or not having good enough work.

Q.It says my scouting privileges have been taken away? What gives?
You have been 'castrated'.

Q. What the hell is 'castrated'?
Its a term the mods use for when they remove a users scouting privileges. You get castrated by scouting users who break the rules, or have bad work. Sometimes all it takes is one user under you to cause you to get castrated. It depends on what their infraction was. If you scout an obvious thief, or someone who submits real porn chances are you will get castrated. It might take scouting a few users with bad art to get you castrated though. When you are castrated you are still allowed to submit work and be in the portal, you will also keep any good scouts you may have had.

Q. Will I ever get my privileges back?
Depends on how bad you were at scouting. Contact a mod for more details on your castration.

Q. I have 4 submissions, but I'm not getting scouted, whats up with that?
Either your work isn't good enough, or you haven't marked the submissions as public (viewable in the art portal) Only public marked submissions count towards the 4 you need to get scouted.

Q. How do I mark work as public?
When you submit a piece, there is a box towards the bottom, check it.

Q. This scouting system seems flawed, art is to varied to be considered good enough.
The system has a few bugs here and there, but its not flawed. Any user who is scouted that can see the unscouted section will see how much bad art the system keeps out of the portal. As for good art being a matter of opinion, yes its true everyone has different tastes, but we are trying to make the overall quality of the art portal be far above that of most other art showcases, so we try to have only the best work up.

Q. Ok, I've been scouted, and I can see a list of recommended users? What is this list?
Its a list of users who have the most recommendations to be scouted. HOWEVER just because they are on this list doesn't mean they are good scouting candidates. It is merely a slightly helpful list of people you might have missed in the unscouted section. The list updates about every day or so. If you are scouted you will have to use up your scout requests for that day in order to recommend users.

Q.How do I recommend users?
Anyone can recommend a user for the art portal, doesn't matter how many pieces they have. All you have to do is click the recommend user button on their art page. If they get enough recommendations and are eligible for scouting they will be added to that list. You can only recommend a user once, but you can recommend as many users a day as you want.

Remember, feel free to PM any art mod if you have questions about the art portal, but make sure its not one that is answered in the rules or in this list.

So you have 4 pieces, and are still stuck in scouting limbo? Fear not there are ways to remedy it.
STEP 1. First make sure you have at least 4 of your pieces marked for public viewing.
STEP 2. Keep submitting work, everytime you make a new piece, you get put at the front of the unscouted section, most scouters are lazy and only check the first 2 pages or so of that section.
STEP 3. Make better work. Probably the real reason why you arent getting scouted is your stuff sucks, make better stuff.
STEP 4. Delete your bad stuff. If you have 2 good pieces but 18 shitty ones, people will ignore your good work and think that it was either stolen or a fluke, prove that you can consistantly make good stuff.
STEP 5. DON'T STEAL ANYTHING! If you get caught stealing work, or breaking any of the Art Portal rules chances are you have fucked all chances of getting scouted, or remaining scouted. The mods know when you steal something and remember it, and once you do it and get caught good luck getting into the art portal because we will be suspicious of anything you make.


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2014-01-21 12:54:53

Why don't they have an area in the art gallery that allows you to look at unscouted peoples work, so they may be scouted easier. Cause I got people who have came across my stuff from my other ports and on here, paying me in SL for my work but no one is scouting me.

ornery responds:

They do have an area for that. Its the unscouted section, only scouted users can see it. To increase visibility, keep submitting work. Each new piece you submit jumps to the front of the unscouted section. If you reach your cap of work submitted delete the old bad stuff that is obviously not going to get you scouted and replace it with new good stuff.


2014-02-06 10:21:56

Hi. This is maybe a stupid question, but how do I know who scouted me?

ornery responds:

Underneath your art on your art page http://xavy-027.newgrounds.com/art/ You will see "scouted by ____"

In your case its zalfurius


2014-04-19 22:45:20

I had no idea there was such a thing. This entry was very very useful. Thanks!


2014-05-11 16:42:19

Newgrounds-Everything, by everyone (unless you suck)


2014-05-23 01:46:56

Your guide was just recommended to me as I just submitted my first content...very informative, thanks for taking the time to write it all out. I'm sure I'll be using as a guide as I move forward.


2014-05-23 01:51:59

One more thing...I have read through the guide and am still having trouble finding where I can make my submission public. Do I need to unpublish and then re-publish my work for me to be given the option again, or is there just something I'm missing?


2014-08-09 18:36:58

Really good guide :3


2014-08-27 03:57:30

Quick question, why do people race to scout good artists? What benefits do you get for scouting artists?

(Updated ) ornery responds:

No inherent benefit. Some people might like the stat, others feel proud about being the one to have scouted a good artist. Some feel the artist is good enough that they deserve to be in the portal ASAP. You could also say that you get the added benefit of people viewing that artist a lot, and then noticing your name as the scouter and checking out your work out of curiosity.


2014-11-21 10:51:10

It's handy indeed, thanks!


2014-12-26 08:58:59

Thanks a lot for the explanation :P


2015-01-15 20:35:57

what if you keep making 'bad work'? means you will never be acknowledge?

ornery responds:

If the quality of work you are producing is obviously what is stopping you from getting scouted, then yes, continuing to produce bad work will get you nowhere.


2015-02-08 08:09:29

So if, in you 4 scouts per day, you scout one person, and that one person gets unscouted... you get unscouted and all the people you scouted get unscouted.

Yes this was really thought through.
Or you just have a terrible database programmer and are covering for that.

ornery responds:

No. You may offer to scout 4 users per day. If one of them accepts your offer and is later unscouted 1 of 2 things will happen to you. 1, nothing. 2, if he was breaking enough rules and your scouts trend on the poor side of quality and honesty you will be castrated, which means you won't lose the scouts you have but you will no longer be able to scout others.


2015-02-15 14:07:49

Thanks for doing this. I'm going to create an audio portal FAQ thread and sticky it with this guide because I keep getting asked about this over and over again.

ornery responds:

I'm not terribly familiar with the audio portals scouting system but my guess is that it is the same.


2015-02-15 17:16:25

Hrm yeah it's similar but I think there might be differences.


2015-02-17 22:45:37

Someone breaks a rule or something and a whole bunch of people gets punished. This doesn't seem all that fair to be honest.

ornery responds:

Normally the offending rule is caught early and there aren't a large number of people effected by the prune.


2015-03-09 11:26:14

Most of the stuff in the Art Portal are either GIFs or drawings made in Illustrator or gimp. Is it ok to post pictures of crafts? sculptures? I just want to define what art should be in the portal.

ornery responds:

Yes you may post photos of traditional work you have made. As long as you made it.


2015-03-25 16:55:58

Extremely handy! I'll keep it in mind--- probably--- hopefully. Just waiting for that day that sempai will notice me!


2015-04-25 22:33:30

The only reason i want to be scouted is so i can use a geometry dash song


2015-04-27 03:33:24

hmm.. Really hard for me.. how can I scout??


2015-04-29 05:31:32

Just wondering, how do you contact a mod? Also, how do you the difference between being castrated and pruned?

ornery responds:

You can contact mods via PM. Art mods include myself, TurkeyOnAStick, Cairos, LegoLass, Lovingthedark, ImpendingRiot, and any of the admins.


2015-04-29 07:30:10

I don't understand why newgrounds feels the need to have this absurd scouting system. Even when CG Hub was still around (now being replaced by CG Beat) anyone could join and submit content, though you wouldn't get noticed unless you were good, does it really matter if people submit bad art or even good art that goes unnoticed assuming that the bad art inherently gets hidden by the good?

On all the art websites I'm on, CHBeat (formally CG Hub) I think has the best setup, where anyone can join and submit, but the website inherently promotes good art, so there were bad artists on it (myself included when I was starting out), but you would still get some views and the great art was promoted (Unlike deviantart)

Newgrounds seems like a very exclusive club that thinks it knows the value of something. The assertion of the average user on NG is that Newgrounds is my personal internet space and I only want very specific things that I like in my space, and if I hate them, BLAM - GTFO (you know, everything by everyone, unless we all hate it, and if we hate it, get the fuck out). That doesn't sound like an ECHO CHAMBER does it? Anywho, Scouting is dumb, there is no incentive for COMPETITION (other artists looking for exposure or work) to scout you. Scouting in reality (in real life) is done by employers looking for talent, not competition.

Hentai Foundry had a decent system that is preferably to scouting, art is accepted on a quality basis by moderators who then add it to daily entries. Regardless of who you are on the site, as long as the art is decent it will get in. As opposed to, one day, on a whim, your competition might throw you a bone (unlikely unless they absolutely love your art, if the happen to find it on accident).


2015-06-02 08:46:25



2015-06-24 13:19:41

Now, i am in love with Newgrounds... I din't know anything about scouting at all... i was just simply posting art as i made, Scouting is such a unique way to encourage artists... And the treasure was the personal advice. Thank you very much...


2015-06-26 14:42:07

What incentives are there for scouting other artists? I imagine a lot of artists are like: "Yes, Got scouted, fuck everyone else". Also I'd like you to see my art and see what I could improve on.


2015-07-23 14:39:59

Thanks, that was really helpful, I had a hard time trying to figure out what scouting and all that was.


2015-08-14 22:35:35

Only reading the first part of this has already been extremely helpful. My thanks to you sir.


2015-08-16 11:03:36

I know a lot more now! Just one thing...

I am certain what I create is worthy of getting scouted, I have 5 pieces and not a single one was stolen, ALL were hand drawn in pen and scanned onto my computer, they arent just doodles or pathetic sketches either, to me theyre proper masterpieces. None of them are shit so am I just unnoticed?

I would greatly appreciate any more help or tips you might have ;3


2015-09-10 15:45:02

Interesting system, however what is the incentive for people to scout other people? Wouldn't some people see it as a negative as it just brings them more competition in the art portal? Well I guess you get some you lose some.


2015-09-11 03:12:45

Thanks for the useful information and for scouting me!


2015-09-20 09:32:37

This is very friggen helpful, time to submit a sht tonn of drawings that I think are good!


2015-10-11 04:44:25

Yo ornery, I have a question, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask it, I was wondering about where you said
"All users can submit work to their user page though, and anyone can see the work (assuming they visit your user page)"
is there different ways to upload your work ? iam only aware of the art tab + the option ''submit yours'' and when I upload some pictures there, they seem to just... not exist ? as if breaking some kind of rule but being left in the dark about it.

ornery responds:

Sent PM


2015-10-26 16:50:39

This site can't get any easier can it? Why couldn't we just have any artwork publicly displayed (within their own content ratings) without all that "scouting" stuff? But then again, this is newgrounds, which makes it unique in it's own way.

ornery responds:

If you could see the unscouted section you would understand why.

20 second scribbles, stolen work, rule breaking garbage, and just all around terrible quality stuff is submitted at a much higher frequency than the worth while stuff. Its not fun trying to find a decent piece by wading through all the junk first.

Also the scouting system gives aspiring artists a goal. And not a rather difficult one just being front paged. If you arent quite good enough to make it into the public portal you can either give up or work a bit harder and improve until you are. It's a reasonable and obtainable goal. Whereas other sites the goal would be a major showcase which is extremely daunting and very very difficult to achieve. Doesnt mean they shouldnt also strive for that , but in the mean time they were able to improve enough to the point that someone said "yeah your stuff is good enough to make it into _____ section"


2015-11-14 23:55:31


Newgrounds is officially Wall-Street!
If your stuff isn't good enough, GET OUT! If I would've known this, I wouldn't have made an account, but because I did and I got my stuff all up on it, I might as well stick it out to the end. Thank good I got Soundcloud and Youtube as back-up to show off my talents just in case.

ornery responds:

Its not quite like that. Anyone can still submit work. And all that work is visible to anyone. The only difference is that if you arent scouted people will either have to visit the unscouted section or your userpage to see it rather than come across it in the active portal. (Unless a mod chooses to showcase it on the frontpage, which happens occasionally).
Most people don't see this as an elitist method, but rather as a goal to shoot for. "I want my work to be good enough for the NG portal, so I need to get better" rather than "Well I made something and improvement be damned because its up and I can keep submitting the same shit"

And 100% of Newgrounds content is user generated (by the user submitting it). Unlike other sites where stolen and unoriginal work is allowed to run rampant.


2015-12-13 16:41:28

How do you view unscouted art?


2015-12-17 17:36:22

What if you do not know your art is terrible? The human mind will unwillingly think its art is better than it actually is, so if you don't know your art is terrible you'll never be acknowledged, and if that happens you'll never know you suck at art. Is there some form of telling the artist he's terrible so he will stop sending in bad work, or is a doomed cycle?

ornery responds:

I believe the form you speak of is called 'critique'. Making a thread in the art form is a great place to start getting some critiques from other artists. But be open to the idea of some of those being rather harsh. If you discount everything negative said about your work you cant improve. I typically ignore the praise for the most part that my work gets and only focus on the negative parts because those are the bits that need fixing.


2015-12-17 21:02:25

Personally, I like the idea of this scouting system. The 'Good' artists could possibly go further into professional artists, just like 'Draw with Jazza'(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHu2KNu6TtJ0p4hpSW7Yv7Q) says that he has created games with Newgrounds, which is inspiring to hear. I hope to create 'high standard' work and become scouted :D
(also, can you give me a few examples of artists who are in the scouted section please? I can't seem to find that part :x)


2015-12-23 10:50:34

i have 5 pieces on my profile., i hope you like it :)


2015-12-29 22:04:08

this is really handy, As someone who has yet to be scouted, I'd follow your advice if it would improve my scouting chances.


2016-01-05 18:41:26

Define pruned...
I'm sorry. I just got scouted on the audio portal. How do I accept?


2016-01-28 06:05:07

Thanks. This was really helpful! :)


2016-02-10 02:21:22

So to be scouted I have to Kick my self far up the rear and work harder and harder to be approved.
fine tho I see that this is crazy when they mention a branch theory. but hell I guess you either do something that everyone knows about or make something that will get peoples attention. even tho some or most users can be trolls but I don't think so. when it comes to posting work. so get kicking and start working harder. also if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.


2016-02-11 14:41:21

Very helpful info Thank you!


2016-02-26 17:49:28

what does 'pruned' mean? Shalomskie english no good :(. is it not dried plums?

ornery responds:

Yes it does mean dried plum. However in this context it means to be taken out of the art portal.


2016-02-27 11:18:00

How would someone scouted get UN-Scouted? (If it is because they broke different rules, then why should the people THEY scouted get UN-Scouted as well?)

ornery responds:

Reasons someone would be unscouted include:
1. Breaking some rules (stolen work, photograph, inappropriate image, etc.)
2. Poor work quality. The submissions just aren't actually up to standard.
3. Someone higher up the tree was pruned. Aka their scouter got clipped, or that person's scouter and so on.

It is very rare that you will be pruned simply because you scout shitty people if your work quality is up to standard. More likely you will just get castrated and lose your scouting ability, but you will keep your good scouts and your work will stay in the portal.


2016-02-28 10:52:44

''Only accept scout requests from users who you don't think will be pruned'' so don't accept scouts from Bond vilains in other words? thanks for the reply, by the way, it is heartening to see that you care :)


2016-02-28 14:33:33

Thanks for the info. Has anything changed since 2009?


2016-03-02 17:19:30

How do I know if my artwork sucks, according to who does the scouting?

I know I can't ask to be scouted, but can I ask if I'm ever even going to be considered, or does that count as asking?


2016-03-02 17:20:36

I'm not trying to sound like a smartass or anything, I love this scouting system, that way the art portal isn't bombarded with crap, like OTHER sites that let you showcase art....

I just think it would be nice to be scouted, someday. Maybe.


2016-03-16 17:58:02

That was extremely helpful even in the distant future! Thanks!


2016-03-27 19:52:57

Why doesn't my song show up under 'All Songs' after I set the filter to 'Unscouted Artists'?