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Ornery's Handy Dandy Scouting Guide

Posted by ornery - October 16th, 2009

:UPDATED: 21/05/2017

NOTE - This is mainly about the art portal.  The audio portal works similarly, but for questions about the specifics of the audio scouting system please see an audio mod for advice.

Scouting FAQ and guide because to many of you dont seem to quite get it. Feel free to ask further questions here and I will add them to the list if they are good enough. I will answer all of them regardless.

First the 3 fundamental rules of scouting.
2. Only accept scout requests from users who you don't think will be pruned.

Q. What is Scouting?
It is a system implemented in the NG art portal that lets users decide who is allowed to post art in the portal. Only scouted users can submit art to the portal. All users can submit work to their user page though, and anyone can see the work (assuming they visit your user page), even if its not marked for the portal.

Q. How do I scout people?
First you have to be scouted. Then you can find any user who has at least 4 pieces that you feel is good enough for the art portal and send them a scout request. You can send 4 scout requests a day, if someone rejects your request you will be granted another one for that day.

Q. How do I get Scouted?
First, make good art, people will notice you if you are good. You must have at least 4 pieces to get scouted. When someone wants to scout you, you will be sent a request via PM. You can then choose to accept or deny their request.

Q. Can I get requests from multiple people?
Yes. Pick the one you like. Make sure its an artist you feel wont get pruned though.

Q. Pruned? Whats that?
Its when an artist is removed from the art portal, when this happens any one who they have scouted will be pruned along with them. Think of it like a tree branch, anything supported by that branch gets knocked off with it.

Q. When I've been pruned, can I be re-scouted?

Q. What would make me get pruned?
Submitting rule breaking work, or not having good enough work.

Q.It says my scouting privileges have been taken away? What gives?
You have been 'castrated'.

Q. What the hell is 'castrated'?
Its a term the mods use for when they remove a users scouting privileges. You get castrated by scouting users who break the rules, or have bad work. Sometimes all it takes is one user under you to cause you to get castrated. It depends on what their infraction was. If you scout an obvious thief, or someone who submits real porn chances are you will get castrated. It might take scouting a few users with bad art to get you castrated though. When you are castrated you are still allowed to submit work and be in the portal, you will also keep any good scouts you may have had.

Q. Will I ever get my privileges back?
Depends on how bad you were at scouting. Contact a mod for more details on your castration.

Q. I have 4 submissions, but I'm not getting scouted, whats up with that?
Either your work isn't good enough, or you haven't marked the submissions as public (viewable in the art portal) Only public marked submissions count towards the 4 you need to get scouted.

Q. How do I mark work as public?
When you submit a piece, there is a box towards the bottom, check it.

Q. This scouting system seems flawed, art is to varied to be considered good enough.
The system has a few bugs here and there, but its not flawed. Any user who is scouted that can see the unscouted section will see how much bad art the system keeps out of the portal. As for good art being a matter of opinion, yes its true everyone has different tastes, but we are trying to make the overall quality of the art portal be far above that of most other art showcases, so we try to have only the best work up.

Q. Ok, I've been scouted, and I can see a list of recommended users? What is this list?
Its a list of users who have the most recommendations to be scouted. HOWEVER just because they are on this list doesn't mean they are good scouting candidates. It is merely a slightly helpful list of people you might have missed in the unscouted section. The list updates about every day or so. If you are scouted you will have to use up your scout requests for that day in order to recommend users.

Q.How do I recommend users?
Anyone can recommend a user for the art portal, doesn't matter how many pieces they have. All you have to do is click the recommend user button on their art page. If they get enough recommendations and are eligible for scouting they will be added to that list. You can only recommend a user once, but you can recommend as many users a day as you want.

Remember, feel free to PM any art mod if you have questions about the art portal, but make sure its not one that is answered in the rules or in this list.

So you have 4 pieces, and are still stuck in scouting limbo? Fear not there are ways to remedy it.
STEP 1. First make sure you have at least 4 of your pieces marked for public viewing.
STEP 2. Keep submitting work, everytime you make a new piece, you get put at the front of the unscouted section, most scouters are lazy and only check the first 2 pages or so of that section.
STEP 3. Make better work. Probably the real reason why you arent getting scouted is your stuff sucks, make better stuff.
STEP 4. Delete your bad stuff. If you have 2 good pieces but 18 shitty ones, people will ignore your good work and think that it was either stolen or a fluke, prove that you can consistantly make good stuff.
STEP 5. DON'T STEAL ANYTHING! If you get caught stealing work, or breaking any of the Art Portal rules chances are you have fucked all chances of getting scouted, or remaining scouted. The mods know when you steal something and remember it, and once you do it and get caught good luck getting into the art portal because we will be suspicious of anything you make.


Comments (218)

This guide is so Handy and Dandy!

So is your mother.

I lost my "Scout-hood" Due to the portal error :'(

Thats unfortunate, keep submitting work and you might get rescouted.

Actually the FAQ's "submitting art" section should link to thís post. Or they should add it to the FAQ. Or they should delete the whole section and let you rewrite it. :P

Or people should at least read the FAQ to avoid the same questions over and over again, but that's another issue....

But honestly, great guide with helpful information and indeed very handy when it comes to people asking to be scouted. Thank you!

Plenty welcome, it would be kind of neat to have all this info in the FAQ now wouldn't it.

Very interesting system, i think this whole scouting business is why i like Newgrounds so much more than DeviantArt these days.

Cheers for the info :)

Quality control for the win.

Thanks on that..so three months have passed...It can't take much longer...

Like it says in the guide, keep submitting new work and replace the old stuff, because obviously what you currently have isn't working.

You have no right to be located in various degrees of sanity when you believe there is such a thing as a personal universal sense of quality or shit art. *Replaces your top hat with a dunce hat*

Trust me, if the art portal were controlled by my personal preference of art, it would be a fairly empty exclusive place.

I really like the part about choosing your scouts, I didn't and look what happened to me...

Yep very important to trace your prospective tree up a few branches to see how stable its foundation is.

Your name is just like Oney but with R's

You mean his name is just like mine minus the R's

Thanks for the help, this really cleared up my questions. :)

Any time

This system is unfair! I haven't even been checked out yet! Every OTHER artist and even artists who don't deserve scouting have been scouted! Why not me? I spend tons and tons of hours on my art just to impress you guys, and what thanks do I get? NONE! I want to be scouted really really badly.

For starters you don't know whether or not people have seen your stuff, so don't assume that its just because you haven't been spotted. If you have more than 4 pieces and regularly make new work to replace your old then I can almost guarantee that people have noticed you and simply chosen not to scout you. This means that maybe you need to change your style, or try something different. Or improve instead of doing the same generic anime that you seem to be cranking out.

Wait a minute... What's it called when someone chooses to put your stuff in the art portal?


Oh, "scouting" is the word I was thinking of.

Makes a lot more sense

Check out my art?

Its getting there, still needs some refining though.

But art DOESN'T appear in the portal unless you've been scouted by at least one user.Send me a PM if you reply.

And I hope you aren't REALLY ornery.

Correct, and it only takes one user to scout you, since you can only be scouted by one user. Which is why its important to pick the best one who offered so that they don't get clipped and you fall with them.

Thanks that guide is helping me not having lots of piles of shit for art . Thanks Alot:)

WOW this is a great guide! But what happens if I didn't press the public thingy? I didn't press it for most of my work because I thought people would still be able to see it and will have a chance to criticise it. Is there a way to change my work so they can be ticked public again? Even thought they've already been submitted?

People can still see your work even if its not marked public. To mark it public go to the piece and edit it (next to the rating) there should be the option to mark it public. if that doesnt work you can PM a mod to do it for you.

I just got Unscouted for some reason do you know why

Probably because whoever scouted you was also pruned.

Thanks for the tips. I hope to eventually get scouted some day.

Keep using the advice in the guide and you just might.

How long do you have to wait till you get scouted?

Someone obviously didnt read the guide...

Zombie Eskimo Was the Dude Who Scouted Me Awkward Enough Right After I Got Scouted I got Unscouted And I Didnt Even Do anything

Did you read the guide. You can get scouted, but if a mod sees your work and decides its not good enough you will be pruned.

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