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Sweet mother of everything good. I enjoyed that for reasons I dont even understand fully.

BaffaCake responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, man!

A masterful masterpiece of masterful mastering. I miss these kinds of animations. the silly fast paced jerky low production value but high yeild animations of the good ol days that still have a golden comedy quality to them.

SoulBrothaNumba1 responds:

NOW you're seein it.

Excellent set up here. Great expressions on both characters and with such simple timing and premise you do an excellent job of world building in a rather brief amount of time. A few parts seem as though they are strawmen sketches that could warrant a bit of polishing, but personally I actually liked the unfinished nature of those scenes.

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Spectacular. Super simple concept and artwork, and yet it flowed perfectly. Excellent fitting soundtrack that was just lighthearted enough to go along with the sillyness of the story, and yet not be so annoying that it made you want to shut it off. Gameplay was fluid and responsive so I never felt as if i was fighting the mechanics in anyway that would detract from the overall story and idea.

I cant stop thinking about this game.

Its just so damn sublime and perfect. One of the few games where the story was truly an integral part of it. Everything made sense, and with the twist at the end was given more profound meaning. There was the perfect amount of challenge, the pacing was flawless, the music fit spectacularly, and everything just felt right.


As if my carpal tunnely wasnt bad enough you had to go make this game that makes my hand hurt as well as cause severe dizzness. Wish there was something a bit more to it, some flash lights to add seizure to the list of side effects.

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Nobel effort

Interesting beatbox attempt, but jesus god boy you cant sing.

CloudEater responds:

I didn't use my voice for the beat :P It was hard to sing it because the original is sung by a female and I struggled to sing in the right voice range. Thanks for the review orn!

Dumb as hell

But I'll be a monkey's uncle if i didn't laugh. Almost wish it was longer though, make it even more absurd.

elace responds:

I know its dumb man but i like it ~~
It took us 2 hours for all 52 seconds of it so it would have been like 7 hours for 1 minute 20 seconds of song lmao ....
absurd is a good way to describe this song

Love this, love this, love this

Just love the little counter melody. It reminds me of some song ive heard before, but i cant for the life of me remeber which one. Hell its possible that its actually this song i heard, just in a different movie and thats why I am remebering it.

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Would love to see a video of this speedpaint. The hair technique would be especially useful to see.

Trunchbull responds:

Unfortunately didn't record the process. Sorry.

Love the atmosphere of this one. The beast could be a tad darker but thats just nitpicking. Even though overall its a fairly simple piece when you really stop to look at it, it still has just enough detail that it fools the eye into seeing a much more elaborate piece. But again, its the air quality and atmosphere that really send this one home.

Amaruuk responds:

Thank you!

Much stronger than the rest of your work. The color, the composition, the subject matter, everything is infinitley stronger in this piece than the others. The line work is free flowing but deliberate, and the line weights are actually properly done despite being sketchy in nature. The coloring is where this really stands out, the nice uniform complimentary dusk pallet works excellently for this piece.

takopako responds:

Thank you for the fleshed out critique!

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