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Ornery's Handy Dandy Scouting Guide

Posted by ornery - October 16th, 2009

:UPDATED: 30/11/2022 (removed outdated sections, updated scouting becoming instant)

NOTE - This is mainly about the art portal. The audio portal works similarly, but for questions about the specifics of the audio scouting system please see an audio mod for advice.

Scouting FAQ and guide because to many of you dont seem to quite get it. Feel free to ask further questions here and I will add them to the list if they are good enough. I will answer all of them regardless.

First the 3 fundamental rules of scouting.


2. Asking to be scouted is bad mkay.


Q. What is Scouting?

It is a system implemented in the NG art portal that lets users decide who is allowed to post art in the portal. Only scouted users can submit art to the portal. All users can submit work to their user page though, and anyone can see the work (assuming they visit your user page), even if its not marked for the portal.

Q. How do I scout people?

First you have to be scouted. Then you can find any user who that you feel is good enough for the art portal and then you scout them. The scouting is instant.

Q. How do I get Scouted?

First, make good art, people will notice you if you are good. The more art you make the better your visibility.

Q. I Keep seeing mention of "Pruned." What is that?

Its when an artist is removed from the art portal, when this happens any one who they have scouted will remain scouted but will now be scouted by "staff" instead.

Q. When I've been pruned, can I be re-scouted?


Q. What would make me get pruned?

Submitting rule breaking work, or not having good enough work.

Q.It says my scouting privileges have been taken away? What gives?

You have been 'castrated'.

Q. What the hell is 'castrated'?

Its a term the mods use for when they remove a users scouting privileges. You get castrated by scouting users who break the rules, or have bad work. Sometimes all it takes is one user under you to cause you to get castrated. It depends on what their infraction was. If you scout an obvious thief, or someone who submits real porn chances are you will get castrated. It might take scouting a few users with bad art to get you castrated though. When you are castrated you are still allowed to submit work and be in the portal, you will also keep any good scouts you may have had.

Q. Will I ever get my privileges back?

Depends on how bad you were at scouting. Contact a mod for more details on your castration.

Q. I have a bunch of submissions, but I'm not getting scouted, whats up with that?

Either your work isn't good enough, or you haven't marked the submissions as public (viewable in the art portal) Only public marked submissions will be seen in the undiscovered section (and then the Approved artist section that everyone is privy to once you become scouted)

Q. How do I mark work as public?

When you submit a piece, there is a box towards the bottom, check it.

Q. This scouting system seems flawed, art is to varied to be considered good enough.

The system has a few bugs here and there, but its not flawed. Any user who is scouted that can see the unscouted section will see how much bad art the system keeps out of the portal. As for good art being a matter of opinion, yes its true everyone has different tastes, but we are trying to make the overall quality of the art portal be far above that of most other art showcases, so we try to have only the best work up.

Remember, feel free to PM any art mod if you have questions about the art portal, but make sure its not one that is answered in the rules or in this list.


So you have some pieces, and are still stuck in scouting limbo? Fear not there are ways to remedy it.

STEP 1. First make sure you have your pieces marked for public viewing.

STEP 2. Keep submitting work, every time you make a new piece, you get put at the front of the undiscovered section, most scouters are lazy and only check the first 2 pages or so of that section.

STEP 3. Make better work. Probably the real reason why you arent getting scouted is your stuff sucks, make better stuff.

STEP 4. Delete your bad stuff. If you have 2 good pieces but 18 shitty ones, people will ignore your good work and think that it was either stolen or a fluke, prove that you can consistently make good stuff.

STEP 5. DON'T STEAL ANYTHING! If you get caught stealing work, or breaking any of the Art Portal rules chances are you have fucked all chances of getting scouted, or remaining scouted. The mods know when you steal something and remember it, and once you do it and get caught good luck getting into the art portal because we will be suspicious of anything you make.

STEP 6. NO AI ART! Presence of ANY AI art makes us suspicious of all your work and could result in your entire gallery getting deleted.




thanks for the helpfull information, cleared up a few issues my end of things as well :3

Glad to help

This is useful information to whom it may apply to.

Enjoy life.

Hopefully it answers questions and stops future misunderstandings.

ty not saying u sould scout me but could u just check out my art

I did, its pretty bad.

About as handy as something that isn't very handy

So like a prosthetic hand made of mashed potatoes?

Tom fucked up scouting when he reset it. Its really useless..

Care to elaborate?

A bit off-topic, but didn't you make a sketch involving a midget having sex with a mentally handicapped person?

If that was you, I think you should upload it to the art portal.

yeah, not really something i want on my portal page, but maybe sometime ill feel whack and go for it anyway with the rest of the porn thread stuff.

Great guide. That guide perfectly explained the mechanics of scouting. I'll have to follow this guide...

And there ya go, scout away good sir.

Ugh, I've been pruned twice. It was when the art portal first came into existance, too.

Nice handy-dandy guide though, it should be beneficial to all the curious users out there. Keep us updated!

This guide did not cover the few instances in the past where the art portal was reset for various reasons, because those sort of events are not excepted to happen again.

Thanks for the scout!

I was kinda hoping after getting scouted, all my work would automatically show up on the first page of the Art Portal, but that doesn't seem to be how it works. Ah well, I'm scouted :D

Nope, the portal runs by date submitted by default, but you can always change the sorting methods.

Man, I need advice on scouting. Oh, I know! Of course! I'll go straight to this 'onery' guy's page! Despite the fact I don't know who he is, or care, he's sure to have a one-in-a-million chance of having a handy dandy scouting guide for me!
Whaddya know! He does!
How fortunate I was!

I dont know how to scout, and the questions I have aren't in the rules and I don't want to read through the whole art portal Q&A thread, I know I'll ask a forum mod, they should know. What the forum mod called me a dickwhistle and told be to ask an ART MOD? Well, I'll be, there are art mods, and this ornery guy is one of them? Who woulda thunk it? And look he has a guide right there instead of clogging a thread with this and questions pertaining to it.

Nice guide! Though the scout system doesn't seem really fair. I'm still waiting to get scouted. Check out my submissions if you want. I like traditional art. :)

By my standards you arent good enough, however someone else might like your work, keep making more and getting better and someone might notice you.

Thanks for the scout sir ornery! You are both a gentleman and a scholar! :P

Why thank you.

thanks man! this helps a lot!!

Any time

Thanks a lot^^


nice guide man it cleared up a lot of things to me, thanks.
one question:
i have just one drawing so i'm not scoutable yet (its marked as public) will it apear in the unscouted section or i have to be scoutable for my work to apear there?
just curious

You wont appear in the unscouted section until you have at least 4 pieces. Even if they arent marked public, all you need is 4 pieces to show up in the scouted section as of now. However if you have more than 4 pieces, but not at least 4 public pieces people can see you there, but wont have the actual option to scout you.

y not keep some of the bad arts to show the progress of improvements to where the artist see now

keeping one or two bad pieces is fine, especially as non-public works, but having the bulk of your stuff being crap isnt good. Also keeping really bad stuff makes the mods suspicious of your really good work, because a huge discrepancy between works is normally a sign of theft.

well cause i first start of with ms paint, which i put non-public, then i put in scaned work, which i also put in non-public, then i use an online paint that i put in public, o n should i announce non-public or public arts of mine in the commentary

You dont have too, mods can see it, and other users will know the difference once you are scouted. I would hold off on bad pieces until you have a large collection of good pieces and are scouted. Once scouted you can submit as much as you want and just keep the bad ones private and it wont hurt you.

Thanks for the guide, is there a delay between someone scouting you and the PM popping up? A friend in newgrounds said he scouted me, but so far nothing happened. Do you need to be scouted by more than one user? is there a mod approval?

Thanks anyway for the guide and hopefully, for you reply.

Hmm, must be a glitch, are you 100% sure that he did and isnt just lying to you? There normally isnt a delay, and there is no limit of people who have to send you a request, nor is there mod approval. If you can gurantee that he tried scouting you PM Rob, he handles the art portal glitches at the moment.

I no i only haf 1 art thing, but kan i b scooted nao?

No U cantz, youz ned fwee mo pieces 2 b scooted. Lucky ewe dough, yo piece id apooved by tom perfenably eben though it be phootoo collage.

thanks for the help,you're the man

no prob

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