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Shit maple syrup goes awesome on.

Posted by ornery - June 9th, 2014

Through much culinary experimentation on my part (and my 5 Michelin Star chef rating) I have complied a list of things maple syrup goes fucking amazing on.  And thats 100% real (pick your grade and shade) maple syrup, not that Aunt Jemima corn syrup fake bullshit that has no buisness existing.  List subject to grow.

In no particular order.

1. Waffles (duh)
2. Pancakes (double duh)
3. Yogurt (whole shit ton variety of flavors)
4. Pizza (try it you pussy)
5. Hot Dogs
6. Bacon
7. Ice cream (whole fuck load of flavors work, experiment)
8. Drink it straight (do it)
9. Fried Chicken
10. Hot ass bitches (for the ladies im sure you can glaze your dudes wang or whatever)
11. Cookies (take your pick of type)
12. Plain Pasta
13. Fries
14. Sausages (whole variety of them work)
15. Turkey (turn that bland shitty white meat into something edible)
16. Ham sandwiches (skip the mayo, add the maple)
17. Apples (you can lightly grill them for shits and giggles)
18. Pineapples



Comments (17)

That's fucking disgusting, you weirdo.

Try it and you will see the light, or medium, or dark. Depends on what grade you like.

Is it weird that I saw #4 and immediately read "pussy" and was like, "Damn, Ornery's getting all crazy and busy with his syrup"?!?

Its great on pussy too, but best not go there, that's how yeast infections start.

you forget turkey and sausage

Holy shit your are right. How did I forget those.

apples. grilled pineapple.

Havent tried pineapple i dont think. Adding apples cuz that was the bomb.

I'm pretty sure syrup goes good with any type of breakfast food. Also, I've done a similar experiment with chocolate syrup and let me tell you, chocolate covered pickles are surprisingly good.

How come i my scouting got bugged and then you of all people got it? damn, it is conflicting because i want you to get to 500 but i myself also want to scout some people!

You should still be able to scout people, and generally we try to get people scouted asap if they are good enough, especially if they already were scouted. Its possible they just went with me instead of you if they saw my request first.

I actually bugged out and was unable to scout people that day, it lead me to a blank page and refused to advance regardless of how many times i clicked, then by the next day it was already too late.

Man, it's almost impossible to find real maple syrup or honey anymore :( Or sugar for that matter... everything's been cut with crap. Soon we'll be fighting over 10 grams of real chocolate.

Is it strange I don't know how maple syrup tastes?

I tried maple syrup on maple syrup, that shit was gooooood xD

A tiny amount of Liquid Smoke (an/or brown stir fry sauce) and chocolate ice cream, actually turned out to be an excellent mix! I had chicken and mixed veggies once, and threw some choco ice cream in the same empty bowl... and damn, that really accentuated the taste! Even the few stray pieces of rice tasted good.

Maple syrup might work well on cereal as well... Oh, again, PM me if you'd like to do a thing in the BBS, still ready to help.

No. 8 or you're not a real man.

So basically everything?

Glad you're still scouting artists here, thanks.
Wait, 5 star Michelin rated, rly? I almost had the money to go to culinary school

I don't agree with the meats on the list, unless you can't propperly prepare a good piece of meat to save your life, I don't want that sweet shit anywhere near it.
Except for number 10. I always wanted to try out kinky food stuff, though I'm guessing I'm more of a whiped-cream+strawberry kinda guy (I'm a hopeless romantic, I know), but only time and experience will tell. Though turkey is worth a shot, cause that shit is bland indeed.

This is the best damn newspost on this entire site.

Damn skippy.

hey you hey

Hey what wumun!