Decision Made

2009-07-16 14:47:40 by ornery

A decision has been made for what I will draw on my famous paper.

The person who's idea was picked randomly out of a hat is....SevenSeize... and her abstract black and white patterns idea.

This normally isn't my style at all so its going to be interesting to try something abstract for a change.

Sorry this took so long. Lot of stuff to do and vacations and shit.

Probably not exactly what everyone was expecting but hey, I don't normally do abstract stuff for a reason. I tried to just turn my mind off and just go with it, but the problem is that whenever I attempt automatic drawing or doodling all i do is end up drawing value scales and tree stumps.....

Decision Made


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2009-07-16 16:37:45

I am excited way more than I should be!!!!! :-)

ornery responds:

its your idea on a famous scrap of paper, thats something to tell the fucking grandkids about.


2009-07-22 21:03:06

Thanks for scouting man! Greatly appreciate it!

ornery responds:



2009-07-24 19:56:20

Where the fuck are you man?

ornery responds:

Inside your sister.


2009-07-29 04:03:38

Well, I still thought mine was genius, but I'm definitely interested to see how you interpret the idea and actually get something on paper, so to speak.

ornery responds:

Yeah there were some great ideas, but I chose them randomly out of a hat so don't feel bad that yours didn't get picked. I might go back and do some of the ones that I really liked, just not on the famous paper.


2009-07-30 11:13:37

It worked for zebras.

ornery responds:

Interestingly enough, what i have so far looks nothing like zebra patterning.


2009-07-30 13:43:13

You were finally modded, eh?

ornery responds:



2009-08-05 04:05:59

People are becoming mods every day nao

ornery responds:

Ive been a mod since the begining of time, just never showed it till recently when i got the jaundice disease.


2009-08-08 16:41:21

Where's my damn paper tutorial?! How am I suppose to know what's better to use charcoal on and what's best for semen?

(Updated ) ornery responds:

Whine whine whine /post/358911


2009-08-13 22:45:17


ornery responds:

If you give me some sort of address I can mail you the real piece.


2009-08-29 16:00:35

Hey, well done mate. Looks good.