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Help Me Decide What To Draw On Famous Paper!

Posted by ornery - May 1st, 2009


Recently I acquired some rather unique paper. In one of my classes, through connections provided by the professor, we were given a small sheet of some really heavy duty paper and told to have at it. This paper is a scrap from a sheet used by artist Frank Stella. Its about 800 lbs paper, thick as hell, and Franks own custom specifications. The amount I have left to work on is about 3 x 5 inches.

This shit was apparently so expensive and worth enough that my prof wouldn't tell us its value, for fear that we wouldn't do any work on it. Well I've done the required work on it and now have some leftover.


Tell me what to draw on it. Deadline is July 15. At that point I will take all the suggestions, put them into a hat, and pick a winner at random. YOU CAN SUGGEST ANYTHING. My only hope is that you guys can be somewhat creative.

I will be ignoring repeated ideas. This is because I am expecting a blizzard of "draw a penis" suggestions and only counting one of the 75 that are sure to come makes it fair for the rest of the ideas.

Feel free to make multiple suggestions though. Each person isn't limited to one. I'll only ignore repeated ideas. So if your idea was used, modify it slightly and voila!


Help Me Decide What To Draw On Famous Paper!

Comments (26)

It looks like the view through a windscreen on a rainy or snowy day. On the right hand side, draw a windscreen wiper on the edge of the paper, then draw a traffic scene, possibly involving a roadside RTA, with a truck that has a bumper sticker "Shit happens", or something similar.

So like a scene through a windshield? Interesting.

You make a blog about a piece of fat paper.


Draw furry porn kthx. :3


Ok, I'm gonna be the first, I guess.

Make a very artistic and detailed drawing of a black man's penis, complete with pubes 'n' veins.

Ok so black cock is now taken, but white cock is still free......

Draw sonic, holding a gun and a sword. he also has to be green

You are an evil evil son of a bitch

Draw a metropolis from a top-down view, right in the middle of it. Directly over a building with a flat top and somebody looking up.

Don't know how I'll be able to get the right kind of detail for that at this size but I'll try.

draw an epic hero standing on a rock bloddy sword in hand and a wench around his leg his hand raises the sword above his head in victory while the glow of the moon shimmers of the blade
(it's cliche but i haven't anything like it in a while)
good luck

Boris Vallejo much?

Oh god that paper looks beautiful, i'm pretty jealous.

It looks like it would hold watercolor really well, maybe something loose and heavily layered, take advantage of the fact that it can probably hold up to a lot of abuse.

knowing you you'll just do some penciled still life :P

When we were given the paper the prof also gave us a little demo of what something along the lines of 800 lbs custom paper can hold up to. He drenched the thing in water, rubbed the ever loving fuck out of it, dried it off, dug into it with a pen, was actually able to rub the top layer off erasing the pen, soaked it again and continued to beat the shit out of it and it was still fine.

As for the drawing its going to be of whatever the hell i pull out of the hat based on the suggestions.

Leave it as is, call it Minimalist and BANG! You're a rich pretentious fuck.

I seriously don't know what you can do with a tiny canvas like that. Maybe you can take your sharpest pencil and draw fifty guys having an orgy.

Supremitism is a shitty shitty art movement and Malevich is a douche for starting it.

An orgy goes in the hat.

you should make a paper tutorial for art 101. Talk about different types of paper and when you use them, what kind of brands are the best etc

In due time, in due time.

You should draw a picture of a man not being able to decide what to draw on a famous piece of paper, so he goes on his webstie of choice to get help. Great idea, no?

Hmm nice challenge, into the pot it goes.

Draw an eye :D

Just an eye? Alrighty.

By the way, do you have a larger version of the eye in your Icon? I rather fancy it.

its laying around somewhere, if you really want i can send a bigger version of it to you.

A pair of lips :3

Bit plain but sure.

I have some suggestions. Draw...

- What it's like to leave home.
- The moment someone is convinced that they're old.
- What a tree looks like to a blind person.
- When someone goes against the group.
- Your own doppelgänger.

Excellent ideas, by far the most interesting and creative. This is the kind of suggestions i was hoping for.

write my website with a waffle right next to it (<a href="http://farfenwaffle.com/">http://farfenwaffle.com/</a>)
tee hee

I really shouldn't even consider this one and should just delete it, but in the name of art and fairness I wont. Instead ill just cross my fingers and hope this doesn't get picked.

I really like JeremyLokken's suggestions.
And if it isn't too much to ask I'd love for you to send me the picture, maybe upload it to the art portal and i can view it from there, whatever suits you best.

When I find the thing ill take a pic and PM it to you. Its somewhere under a pile of other unfinished work.

I haven't seen many good illustrations of a MK IV Supra...

I have no idea what that is, a guy from mortal combat 4? A car? If yours gets picked ill research the thing first.

A muscular man's arm, and beautiful woman's arm in an X on the paper in excellent realistic color.

Huh, sure why not.

I have worked on paper like this but not some of so great a pedigree. The only thing I can think of is something to do with steam but given total freedom I would be tempted to use a scalpel to remove layers and work with it like that.

steam? and paper removal? sure. The great thing about this kind of paper is that you can actually remove layers of it, its possible to go from pitch black back to pure white by erasing off hard enough to shred off the top layers.

Did you ever pick anything for this? What were the results?

Like i said up in the post, i extended the deadline to the 15th when i go up to my apartment where the paper is.

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