Ornery's Handy Dandy Scouting Guide

2009-10-16 02:44:37 by ornery

:UPDATED: 21/05/2017

NOTE - This is mainly about the art portal.  The audio portal works similarly, but for questions about the specifics of the audio scouting system please see an audio mod for advice.

Scouting FAQ and guide because to many of you dont seem to quite get it. Feel free to ask further questions here and I will add them to the list if they are good enough. I will answer all of them regardless.

First the 3 fundamental rules of scouting.
2. Only accept scout requests from users who you don't think will be pruned.

Q. What is Scouting?
It is a system implemented in the NG art portal that lets users decide who is allowed to post art in the portal. Only scouted users can submit art to the portal. All users can submit work to their user page though, and anyone can see the work (assuming they visit your user page), even if its not marked for the portal.

Q. How do I scout people?
First you have to be scouted. Then you can find any user who has at least 4 pieces that you feel is good enough for the art portal and send them a scout request. You can send 4 scout requests a day, if someone rejects your request you will be granted another one for that day.

Q. How do I get Scouted?
First, make good art, people will notice you if you are good. You must have at least 4 pieces to get scouted. When someone wants to scout you, you will be sent a request via PM. You can then choose to accept or deny their request.

Q. Can I get requests from multiple people?
Yes. Pick the one you like. Make sure its an artist you feel wont get pruned though.

Q. Pruned? Whats that?
Its when an artist is removed from the art portal, when this happens any one who they have scouted will be pruned along with them. Think of it like a tree branch, anything supported by that branch gets knocked off with it.

Q. When I've been pruned, can I be re-scouted?

Q. What would make me get pruned?
Submitting rule breaking work, or not having good enough work.

Q.It says my scouting privileges have been taken away? What gives?
You have been 'castrated'.

Q. What the hell is 'castrated'?
Its a term the mods use for when they remove a users scouting privileges. You get castrated by scouting users who break the rules, or have bad work. Sometimes all it takes is one user under you to cause you to get castrated. It depends on what their infraction was. If you scout an obvious thief, or someone who submits real porn chances are you will get castrated. It might take scouting a few users with bad art to get you castrated though. When you are castrated you are still allowed to submit work and be in the portal, you will also keep any good scouts you may have had.

Q. Will I ever get my privileges back?
Depends on how bad you were at scouting. Contact a mod for more details on your castration.

Q. I have 4 submissions, but I'm not getting scouted, whats up with that?
Either your work isn't good enough, or you haven't marked the submissions as public (viewable in the art portal) Only public marked submissions count towards the 4 you need to get scouted.

Q. How do I mark work as public?
When you submit a piece, there is a box towards the bottom, check it.

Q. This scouting system seems flawed, art is to varied to be considered good enough.
The system has a few bugs here and there, but its not flawed. Any user who is scouted that can see the unscouted section will see how much bad art the system keeps out of the portal. As for good art being a matter of opinion, yes its true everyone has different tastes, but we are trying to make the overall quality of the art portal be far above that of most other art showcases, so we try to have only the best work up.

Q. Ok, I've been scouted, and I can see a list of recommended users? What is this list?
Its a list of users who have the most recommendations to be scouted. HOWEVER just because they are on this list doesn't mean they are good scouting candidates. It is merely a slightly helpful list of people you might have missed in the unscouted section. The list updates about every day or so. If you are scouted you will have to use up your scout requests for that day in order to recommend users.

Q.How do I recommend users?
Anyone can recommend a user for the art portal, doesn't matter how many pieces they have. All you have to do is click the recommend user button on their art page. If they get enough recommendations and are eligible for scouting they will be added to that list. You can only recommend a user once, but you can recommend as many users a day as you want.

Remember, feel free to PM any art mod if you have questions about the art portal, but make sure its not one that is answered in the rules or in this list.

So you have 4 pieces, and are still stuck in scouting limbo? Fear not there are ways to remedy it.
STEP 1. First make sure you have at least 4 of your pieces marked for public viewing.
STEP 2. Keep submitting work, everytime you make a new piece, you get put at the front of the unscouted section, most scouters are lazy and only check the first 2 pages or so of that section.
STEP 3. Make better work. Probably the real reason why you arent getting scouted is your stuff sucks, make better stuff.
STEP 4. Delete your bad stuff. If you have 2 good pieces but 18 shitty ones, people will ignore your good work and think that it was either stolen or a fluke, prove that you can consistantly make good stuff.
STEP 5. DON'T STEAL ANYTHING! If you get caught stealing work, or breaking any of the Art Portal rules chances are you have fucked all chances of getting scouted, or remaining scouted. The mods know when you steal something and remember it, and once you do it and get caught good luck getting into the art portal because we will be suspicious of anything you make.


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2016-03-30 18:35:52

Thanks for a great post. As a newbie to NG (joined to take part in Jazza's COTM) I had no idea what scouting was about and what it entails etc. I am now much more informed and I know what I'm working towards. Many thanks to you and the rest of the mods!


2016-05-05 17:01:19

The wait to be scouted is real!!
Being unscouted is quite boring. It feels like sitting in the corner all by yourself.


2016-05-09 22:54:36

Here's a case specific question in case this is still answered.
I have two really good looking digialy colored works done by a collaboration of a digitally coloring friend and my pencil line art. Those two pieces look great but are disproportionately better then anything else in my gallery and nothing like them can be made anytime soon as my friend did the really hard coloring part.
Should I take them down for consistancy's sake or leave them since my line art and styling may be visible in them?

ornery responds:

I would leave them up. They arent that drastic of a change from your usual fare, and you credit the other artist so there isnt really anything wrong with them that would warrant a removal.


2016-05-10 15:58:08

Thanks for answering my earlier question of weather or not to remove disproportionately good collaborations.
Do you think my pencil (and rarely digital) art is close to scoutable range? The last time I was scouted was probably for sentimental reasons from a friend when he saw a romantic drawing done of his wife's characters together. I enjoyed lots of exposure until I overestimated an Easter robot drawing and got pruned.


2016-05-14 22:57:52

great advice! iam not asking to be scouted but can someone give me feedback on my art at least? bare in mind i use a mouse not a tablet :/

ornery responds:

I would recommend making a thread showcasing your stuff in the art forum. You will definitely get the desired feedback there.


2016-05-19 22:21:17

Hey this is kind of lame, but its been like 4 months and I've had more than 4 posts and I haven't gotten anything. I don't think my stuffs that shitty can you look at it and judge for your self?


2016-06-14 22:31:33

this is really helpful!
i've been looking for a straight forward answer on how to get scouted.


2016-06-28 16:39:11

Apparantly, I just got scouted. As awesome as that sounds and is, it also makes me kind of nervous, I guess. I am new to digital drawing and new to Newgrounds and I want to keep improving myself and the art I create, however, there is one thing that I am not entirely sure of.
The person who scouted me clearly thought I was good enough to be scouted, and the original poster says that in his/her opinion it's recommended to delete the bad stuff. But the thing is... When is something considered 'bad'? I personally don't believe in good or bad stuff as there is always room for improvement. To me, that's something that kind of contradicts to the above [no offense] and I also believe it's a matter of taste as well, so how does that work? How can I reassure myself that the art I create IS good enough?

Hope I'm making sense, haha!

ornery responds:

Typically "Delete the bad stuff" was in reference to people who are having trouble getting or staying scouted. Once you are established and stable, deciding what is bad is really up to you. If you have improved and look back on your old work and can honestly say "man, these just really aren't that good and I would rather not have them on my page" then you can probably delete them.

Or if you start submitting work that you feel isn't quite as good as the stuff you had already up at the time you were scouted, maybe hold off on submitting everything till its at a quality you actually like.


2016-07-20 02:31:56

iv been set this message via pm but get an error message when i click.

(Congratulations, OddyMcStrange has offered to scout you in the Art Portal!

To review your options, click here.)

ERROR — Sorry, there was a problem with your request. Please try again later.ERROR — Sorry, there was a problem with your request. Please try again later.

ornery responds:

It looks like you were scouted by someone, but then unscouted before you noticed the message.


2016-08-16 23:00:34

I see...


2016-08-18 16:23:55

Thank you for this! I was very confused on the term "scouted." Could you guys check my work and just see if you enjoy it? (NOT ASKING TO BE SCOUTED!!)


2016-08-18 16:28:21

Also can you get scouted for animation, games, audio, etc? Or can you just get scouted for art?

ornery responds:

Scouting is limited to Audio and Art only. Animation and games go on the old Save/Blam system where after a certain number of votes your work will be permanently kept or deleted depending on its score.


2016-08-20 20:07:33

Quick! Tell me something to say!.....

Too late... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i'm growing, don't judge pl0x.


2016-09-05 16:10:52

Thank you. I was very confused how this "scouting" worked since I'm new here.


2016-09-06 17:40:50

Can you get scouted if you have 4 things audio portal, and not the art portal?


2016-09-10 15:46:41

Well, I Nedd to be scouted!


2016-09-12 15:37:52

Are there any tips for avoiding getting unscouted? I've seen traditional colored pencil artwork of a relatively lower level then mine in the portal do just fine... while mine didn't.

My guess is the main difference is that they used thumbnails that zoom in close to one part of the picture which my draw less attention from M-Bot.
I know quality control is nothing personal, but I kept my work at a high enough quality level to get above 3/5 scores. It feels like I am unlucky, especially campaird to the earlier mentioned pencil artist.


2016-10-02 14:43:41

How do you know if something is so bad that you might get unscouted? Do you get unscouted for a single bad upload? Or if you have multiple that drop below a specific rating? I draw a lot, but I don't upload that much because I don't want it to cause me to get unscouted. If I knew where the line for not good enough work goes, it would help a lot. Thanks

ornery responds:

You would have to have been on the border of being unscouted already for one piece to do you in. Generally if it looks like your work is getting worse you would have to submit a few new pieces of low quality to get pruned. If you just submit a dud here or there you should be safe. When in doubt you can always just submit it to your userpage instead of the portal, that way it stays in your profile but doesnt really count towards your overall quality.


2016-10-13 19:26:01

I don't understand! I want to scout lunacyofficial's art! But it's not working!

ornery responds:

You need to be scouted first yourself before you can scout others.


2016-10-23 09:00:46

thanks for the infos i'm since member 2008 and was for a long time way... but now i'm back on this site with some new songs.. i will wait for scouted :)


2016-10-24 01:39:43

this happen to me again for the second time plz help

Sent Oct 18, 2016

Congratulations, NightRaid-NG has offered to scout you in the Art Portal!

Sent Nov 22, 2015

Congratulations, OddyMcStrange has offered to scout you in the Art Portal!

To review your options, click here.)

ERROR — Sorry, there was a problem with your request. Please try again later.ERROR — Sorry, there was a problem with your request. Please try again later.

ornery responds:

It seems that the people trying to scout you were prunned before you were able to accept their request.


2016-11-09 18:11:50

I don't get it


2016-12-14 09:54:19

why shouldnt we ask to get scouted


2017-01-20 08:48:43

very, helpful guide! thank you! ^_^


2017-01-29 19:49:24

If you get pruned because the person who scouted you got pruned, can people who can scout you see this? I was scouted by someone who was then pruned. My bad for accepting them, okay. But then they got their scouting rights back. I thought since they were re-scouted so quickly, maybe they were pruned by accident or a glitch occured or something, so I accepted it when they scouted me a second time. Then they got pruned, again. This means I, too, was pruned twice.
I ask this because I've been trying to get scouted for months. I haven't asked to be scouted, my art is "good enough", I think, and I haven't broken any rules. All I can think of, is scouters see I got pruned twice, aren't given the context for what happened, and refuse to give me a chance because of this.
Could this be the case?


2017-02-14 13:24:27

Wat about the audio portal?


2017-02-15 19:19:10

Helpful guide...clears up a lot. I think this is a pretty strong policy to keep things sane. HF has a similar policy, but I think it includes more mod-involvement.


2017-02-17 09:41:20

Very useful guide


2017-03-18 02:11:13

I like the way all the rules and things are set up and don't steal other people's work have some artistic integrity


2017-03-26 22:13:44

thank you for the help


2017-04-16 09:00:55

I don't want you to scout me but, can you just look at my art and then make me know. Ty.


2017-04-16 18:42:13

When you say, "4 pieces of art..." do you mean ART as in pictures, or art as in pieces of WORK?

ornery responds:

Art as in pictures submitted for the art portal.


2017-04-18 10:09:01

Thank you for the info! I'm quite new 'round this part of the internet, so I'm glad to have seen this for further reference.


2017-05-06 14:36:33

This is very helpful thanks! ^^


2017-05-21 11:45:22

Hey, the guide was super helpful, glad I saw this or I would've started asking people lol. You seem to be talking about art a lot though. This stuff does apply to music as well, right? Just making sure. I'm definitely not scout worthy yet, but could definitely use some feedback on my music if anyone doesn't mind.


2017-05-28 09:38:16

I've been scouted and I'm pleased. ^^


2017-06-10 14:35:31

Hey sorry to bother you but I just got a message saying I was scouted but when I went to accept it, it said that they haven't scouted me... Could they have like deleted the request but it still sent or what? The person's not accepting PM's so I'm not really sure what's going on. Idk if it's an error or what :p

ornery responds:

You are currently scouted by skippuh. You cant accept multiple scout requests.


2017-06-14 00:06:40

Would my art be considered bad...?


2017-06-19 13:09:47

This was very helpful. Thank you for the slough of information.


2017-06-28 20:39:12

Thanks for the Info!


2017-07-11 22:55:38

I was wondering how often I should post art. I am incredibly slow at creating my illustrations and would like to know if I would get more out of saving my drawings, so I could post them regularly, or just post them right away, when I finish up a drawing?

Thank you!

ornery responds:

Post of often as you feel like you make worthwhile pieces. No one likes to see 25 crap pieces come in all at once. But one decent one a day or less isnt unreasonable.


2017-07-14 18:06:44

After one year of trying, I'm still too much of shitty artist to get scouted. I can't seem to make anything substantial.


2017-07-20 10:33:20

Can your music be downloaded if you're not scouted? My music has some downloads and some1 requested to scout me, but i cant use my music in gd (i got gd recently). So i'm thinking either im not scouted but my music can still be downloaded or i'm scouted but somehow i cant use my songs in gd even tho i allow gd api in my audio settings. plz help


2017-07-29 08:14:48

Thanks for the helpful info! <3


2017-08-25 08:21:06

4 pieces of art work, ok...then in audio, do you need to make 4 good song or one good song is enough ?


2017-08-25 09:31:51

Thank you very much for this information, I had been down-heartened to not see my work on the site but now I know I just need to improve my art to a scoutable standard. Hopefully then I'll get more feedback.


2017-09-04 23:09:04

Dang, this is hard for a person as lazy as me ;-;